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  1. Default Anyone? Mercedes om617 to Toyota V6 transmission adapter?

    I will be starting a new project soon. 1993 Toyota T100 with a blown 3.0 V6. To replace the 3.0 will be a Mercedes om617 turbo engine. I am wondering if anyone makes an adapter plate that is reasonably priced to connect the MB engine to the V6 standard transmission? If not, does any one have a template, cad or mastercam drawings for one. Don't want to start from scratch, but will if I have to.


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    Default Re: Anyone? Mercedes om617 to Toyota V6 transmission adapter?

    The OM617 will be markedly underpowered in the T-100. Why not try an OM612? Plenty of power...
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  3. Default Re: Anyone? Mercedes om617 to Toyota V6 transmission adapter?

    I guess it comes down to cost since I already have the 617. I saw a guy with a Land Cruiser who did a swap, he did mention it being a little sluggish, but it still went. I'm not to concerned with it being under powered. As long as it can drive. As is I have been driving a non-turbo 4cyl diesel 190d, talk about under powered, you have to plan pulling out on the road or risk getting rear ended....

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    Default Re: Anyone? Mercedes om617 to Toyota V6 transmission adapter?

    try 4x4labs.com

    talk to luke very cool guy with tons of knowledge

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    Default Re: Anyone? Mercedes om617 to Toyota V6 transmission adapter?

    I don't think it will be that bad, there was a build thread a couple of months back with this guy that swapped it into a 84/85 4runner with a solid axle moderate lift and 35's. He said that if felt great, of course he was comparing it to a 22r.


    That should help you a bit. I was researching doing the same swap a few weeks ago and I too have a 93' T100. I'm planning on swapping mine to 1kz-te in the next couple of months...Anyway, hope that helps a little bit.


    And this is a video of him running his 4runner through a puddle with the OM617 installed. He says the power is great and the OM617 is completely mechanical so you can just turn up the injection pump and maybe throw on a small ebay intercooler. Should be good for about 120hp and 200lb/ft. Lastly, if the power isn't adequate then just cut the manifold weld on a T3 flange and swap the turbo to a Garrett T28...lots of them floating around on the internet off of ricer cars for cheap. Anyway, good luck, I was really considering this swap myself but I think I'm going to stick to a Toyota truck w/toyota motor you know? I know the guy that did the swap ended up making adapters for the 4cyl. Toys, but he never produced anything for the V6 trucks which are the ones that are always broken...

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    Default Re: Anyone? Mercedes om617 to Toyota V6 transmission adapter?

    a 617 turbo can do about 145-150hp with pump adjustments. fuel pressure should be bumped to about 20-25 from the lift pump. For this power the stock turbo is fine just need to check the boost pressures, the wastegate springs get weak. Found mine was only giveing 9psi boost, a simple adjustment put it back to 12psi. My fuel pressure was at 5psi, new or stretched spring in the return line fixed that. Noticable differance. If you want real power look at superturbodiesel.com This is a forum just for Mercedes diesel performance.



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