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    Default 1996 Hilux 2.8D 3L leaking oil?

    Hello, i recently changed the oil a couple of days ago, and after offroading today i noticed there was a small amount of oil dripping from the bottom of the engine. So far i have ruled out that it is not diff oil, transmission oil, or transfer case oil as these are all too far back from where the oil is coming from, it also does not look like brake fluid.
    The only thing i could think of is if i overfilled the engine oil and it is dumping the excess? (although i dont know if these engines do that)
    Also now (the day after i noticed the oil drip) it has stopped dripping any oil. I have checked the engine oil and it is still full.
    Is there any other oils that the engine uses that this could be or any common places for it to leak?

    Thanks, Luke.

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    I was also thinking if these engines do have some sort of engine oil overflow that it could be from being on the extreme slopes up and down that comes with offroading (kind of like a motox bike leaking fuel when its on its side)

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    No automotive engine has an oil overflow! you'd have to put 15-20 liters in it to see it over flow only then the engine would not turn over. even 1 liter over full will cause an extreme loss of power as the crank passing thru the oil robs the engine of power.
    pressure wash the engine all over then run it and look for leaks, oil always runs down hill, for example I've seen engines that the customer was told need oil pan gaskets and valvecover gaskets....always fix the higher leak first, then wash the motor and re-check for leaks,

    drips can come from (especially after doing a oil change)
    1. drain plug loose or missing/damaged washer
    2. oil filter too lose or faulty(leaks at seams)

    3. hoses that go to alternator for vacuum pump
    4. valve cover gasket
    5. front main/cam seals
    6. rear main
    7. oil pressure switch
    8. turbo return/pressure lines/tubing

    What location of your engine seems to be wet?

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    ok, well what other oils are there apart from the engine oil? because it is still completely full... anything else in there that has seperate oil?

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    Only thing that comes to mind would be the fuel leaking from the injector pump seals. That can run down onto the engine, and drip off far away from the pump. Of course you should be able to smell it if it's fuel. Also, on some 3L engines, there is an oil level float that goes in a hole on the upper Right side of the oil pan. I suppose if that has a bad seal, it could suddenly leak if the oil is overfilled.

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