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    Default Prado EX5 2L-T Crank Angle Sensor

    Hi all.... really need your help with this one:

    I bought a Toyota LandCruiser Prado EX5 Turbo Diesel EFI LHD about a year and a half ago and had to change the engine. It's finally all done and the LC is up and running again. Really the only problem was caused by not being able to use the crank angle sensor. Therefore my questions for you:
    1.) What exactly does the crank angle sensor do?
    2.) Does effect the fuel injection pump?
    3.) Is it for pollution control?

    The engine is running really well, the new engine imported from Japan was in great condition, low millage, but the LC has less power. Its not really noticeable unless going uphill, almost seems like the turbo is kicking in a little late or not with the full boost. The check engine light is on (the little amber light) due to the crank angle sensor not being hooked up.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I just can't seem to find the correct LC manual. The only one we have is not covering the EFI engine.

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    Default Where is the crank angle sensor?

    Where is the crank angle sensor located? I have a 1990 Prado & have never seen that unit.

    Is yours left hand drive? Mines right hand drive. Never seen a lefty except for land cruisers they imported to Canada that had different hood & front clip & not 4 door.
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    Hi Gerald;

    My Prado is a right hand drive as well... 1990

    Check out this link for the sensor position:

    The picture below shows the sensor, just zip-tied, not in its original location (of course).
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    Sorry, the link above doesn't get you to the correct page... here's the sensor location:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    The 2L-TE fuel pump will never operate correctly without the Crank Position Sensor (and the crank to suit) and a Coolant Temp Sensor. Both are connected to the ECU to control the operation of the fuel pump.

    Did you replace a 2L-TE engine with a 2L-T?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiftyNev View Post

    Did you replace a 2L-TE engine with a 2L-T?

    Yes, I did... EFI is hooked up and running, but not all that well...
    how could I go about installing the sensor? Is it timed or synced?
    I hope we'll get it to work. I'm driving it right now, anybody knows if that's a bad idea? Can I wreck the EFI without having the sensor hooked up?

    Thanks so much for the help and replies!

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    There should be a socket for it built into the block. You may have to remove the plug and then just install the CPS. You shoudnt have to set it up because it works off the crank as it rotates past the CPS it sends a signal. Basically an electromagnetic pickup. -Todd
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    Quote Originally Posted by DieselToyz View Post
    There should be a socket for it built into the block.
    Thanks Todd, I'll check....

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    Quote Originally Posted by DieselToyz View Post
    There should be a socket for it built into the block. -Todd
    I just can't find the location... the drawing of the sensor location in the manual isn't much help either, as its not very clear (might be better in the actual hardcover manual).

    Any hint to where I should look for it would be great. I've googled for hours, but no pics of where the sensor should be.
    By now I've read a lot about how the Crank Angle Sensor (or Crankshaft Position Sensor) works and I'm convinced that not having the sensor installed is my problem with the loss in power.

    Thanks for all the advice! It's highly appreciated and I'm such a newbie...

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    Mines the same truck, I could see where its located...

    Did you just change the block & head & put the original pump & outside extras, AC Alt etc back on? If so.... Interesting..... You could consider putting a 2LT pump on....

    It would be difficult to drill the Block & position that sensor exactly where it should be. It senses the crank therfore it would have to be very precicely mounted.
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