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    Default ECU wiring pin-out for Prado 1996

    Help required please, looking for the pin-out for a single unit ECU which covers aisin 3043 transmission, on a 1995/6 Prado. 3.0 TD. the plug appears to be arranged as a 26pin 16pin 22pin.
    Searched the web with very little luck.

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    Default More details:

    The ECU is a DENSO 175800-1682-12V Toyota part 89661-60520 Specifies 1KZ-TE A/T. There has to be someone who knows how to connect to this.

    I want to build a test box of electronics to fsee if the gearbox changes at the right input signals. Then at least I know to recon the box. Does anyone know if such a device already exists...


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    Saludo estoy en la necesida de que alguien por favor me ayude con la reparacion de mi 4runner que antes tenia un motor de gasolina y compre un 2L-TE A/T Contrasmision sencilla no 4x4 y no tengo el diagrama electrico con la parte que respecta a la transmision automatica. Lo compre completo el motor 2L-TE A/T con todo y transmision

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    Here are the two best Internet-based translations. The rest were either identical or contained too much gibberish.

    Google Translate

    I salute the needs of someone please help me with the repair of my 4runner previously had a gasoline engine and buy a 2L-NT A / T Contrasmision not easy and I have no 4x4 electric diagram with the party area Automatic transmission. We buy complete engine 2L-NT A / T with everything and transmission.

    Babel Fish

    Greeting I am in the necesida one of which somebody please helps me with the repair of my 4runner that before tapeworm a gasoline motor and buys a 2L-TE A/T simple Contrasmision not 4x4 and I do not have the electrico diagram with the part that it concerns to the automatica transmission. It buys complete the motor 2L-TE A/T and transmission yet.
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    Anyone want alice diagram of Santo Domingo and the tendo nesecidad diagram of the electric motor 2L-NT A / T WITH car is not simple 4x4 if someone help me with this is what agradesere

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    The ECU is a DENSO 175800-1682-12V Toyota part 89661-60520 Specifies 1KZ-TE A/T.
    I want to get above data. Now, i'm facing difficulties about that. help me please.

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    This is the ECU Terminal sheet for the putor you have mentioned.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Details of the problem.

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    Heli Hi,
    The SL, S1 and S2 are the connections that go to the Transmission solenoids.
    One attachment shows the color code and numbering of the wires.
    The second shows the connector (E-1) at the end of the harness connecting to the Transmission. The view is looking at the connector pins.
    In order to see if the ECU/ECT is working correctly, remove this connector from the transmission, take three 12 V bulbs with two wire holders, connect the three wires together and ground with body, insert one wire into each of the pins of the connector, now instead of working the selenoids the putor should light up the bulbs. Jack up the rear wheels, start the vehicle and shift into "D" revv up the bulbs will light up/go off in a specific sequence. As the bulbs go on/off you will feel the gears shifting.
    There is a chart available that shows the working of the solenoids in an electronically controlled transmission. I dont have the chart off hand but could dig out if you cant find it easily.

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    Hi Heliguy

    If you are after info on Toyota Autos try http://www.autoshop101.com/autoshop15.html
    This is a good list of basic info on how Toyota operate the auto's. Look at articles 16, 17 and 18.
    I used it to make up a stand alone shifter and block out the factory control on my 1KZTE engine/ A430E auto in my KZJ78 landcruier Prado.
    It also gives good diagnostic tools

    Hope it helps (Note also heaps of other good Toyota related info)
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