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Thread: 22re to diesel?

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    Default 22re to diesel?

    how might i convert my 1985 toyota fourrunner into a diesel. it has a 22re engine and a 5 speed trany. if any one has information that wold be great i have no idea what so every and would need alot of insight for this. thanks

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    buy a 2L-tII or something similiar and then pull the old 22re and drop in new diesel. It really isnt very hard to do these. I have swapped many different gas engines in the toyota trucks and 4runners, I found the diesel swap to be no more challenging than putting a 350 v8 in the rigs.
    If you know a little about wiring and you can pull an engine then you should be able to get thru the conversion.
    Good Luck.
    89\' 4runner on Propane
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    Default Re: 22re to diesel?

    i put a 2L in my 79 toyota 4x4 wasnt that bad.
    look at my pic.. its easy if you know what your doing

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    Default Re: 22re to diesel?

    You brought up an August 2004 thread just to say that??? Why not start your OWN thread??

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