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    Default Gathering parts for 2nd gen. SAS 4runner 2LT conversion!

    I may be off the deep end, but I think the plan is to put my 2LT drivetrain into a 90-95 4runner. The twist is that its' gonna be a straight axle swap too. I found out that the 4runner is based on a regular cab short bed frame. I found a deal on a 85 4x4 22r straight axle truck with a trashed body last week. The frame and axles are good plus it's already got a nice 4 inch lift done right with a drop pitman arm, etc. Spring packs up front with blocks in the rear. I already stripped this truck down to the frame this past weekend. I am now seriously hunting a 2nd generation runner to bolt to this frame. The location of the frame mounts in the rear of the truck frame will have to be relocated to match the runner body mounts. I've already removed them. The front 6 mounts should be the same from truck to runner from what I have researched. The 4unner gas tank and mounts may have to be used since they are lower for the body tub. The horeshoe crossmember on the frame will have to be lowered a few inches. Now the hunt is on for a CLEAN CHEAP V-6 runner that has a dead engine. Here is a pic. of the straight axle frame and the engine donor truck behind it. Comments are welcome!
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    The old cab and bed heading to the scrap yard!
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    sweet... sounds kinda familiar! I'm just about done a 1st gen swap of the same nature: 88 body on 85 frame with 84 2LT. Where are you located? I remember seeing a potential donor for sale in BC. I'll try and find the ad for you, unless you're in Florida or something!

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    Actually I'm in Ga. I hope to find something local or semi-local. 4running, what kind of problems did you run into with the body bolting up? I'm guessing you had to relocate some rear frame mounts just like I will have to............and you also had to lower the "horsehoe" crossmember in the center of the frame. Thanks

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    Made a little more progress today on the project. My 85 frame wasn't in as nice of shape as I had orignally thought. I cleaned off some of the dirt and found it had the typical rust issues on the inside of the passenger side of the frame. Can't believe I didn't spot it before I bought the truck. I'm sure I could have talked the guy down a bit more. All that caked on dirt fooled me I guess! I welded in some plate to strengthen it back up. Brake lines also apprear to be leaking from "cancer" as well. Not real major issues..........I'm sure it won't go super smooth through the whole project. Pic. included
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    darn that factory Toyota cancer...

    Actually, apart from the "expected" un-expected details, my swap was very basic. The SFA frame I picked up was from a 4runner, the same body style as the 88. All the mounts lined up perfect, as did the tranny, engine mounts, etc. Even after reading that this is a 'bolt in' swap, I was still surprised how much it really was.

    As far as issues, one I'm taking care of right quick is the extra weight in the front end. The stock springs were bagged to begin with, but now with the diesel they are reverse arch and about an inch of travel. I have been getting a few quotes on new springs with extra capacity, and hope to have a set in the next week or two. Brake lines are always a bugger, but I stole enough parts from the wrecker to put a complete system togeter. I bypassed the rear prop. valve (took it right off) and put one on from a Celica (just like the 2wd pickups) under the master cylinder. The power steering lines were another hangup, but again the wrecker proved very useful. I have a local pick-a-part here that is very reasonable when you buy lots of junk all at once, so I snatched whatever I thought could come in handy and put together enough bits to make it work. Sure I'd love to order all the correct stuff from the dealer, but it's just not practical. This truck is intended as a 'wheeler' anyway.
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    Default A little more of an update...........

    Found a decent 91 4runner I think. I'm gonna check it out this weekend and possibly buy it. It's got a V-6 which is not a big deal to me. It is however a 5 speed, which is what I've been hunting for. I need the clutch pedal setup already installed versus gettting an automatic runner. Pulled the 2LT, trans., and transfer today from my rusted out donor truck. This puts me a bit closer to finishing the conversion. Here's a few pics.
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    And another pic.............
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    Default Another update.................

    Made some more progress today. Installed the 2LT drivetrain into the lifted straight axle frame. It sure is easy sticking a motor, trans., and transfer in when there is no body to get in the way. Just need one more major piece to the puzzle..........the 90-95 4runner body!
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    Default Got a 4runner today....................

    It's not perfect but it will have to do. It's a 1991 SR5 with a knocking v-6. A BAD knock at that! Overall it's decent. I was hoping for cleaner interior but this is cleaner than most of the old toyotas I usually mess with from the 80's. Got a few problems with some of the windows and the mirrors. I hope it's just the switches and not the motors. I guess those should be the least of my concerns. The biggest headache is gonna be finishing this conversion. I'm just glad I found a body for this swap. I was honestly tired of searching the want ads every day. It was sapping my strength...........lol. I'll keep posting pics. of my updates with this swap. Here is one after a 250 mile round trip to purchase the runner. Any comments from the board?
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