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    Default D4D Hilux Tuning ?

    Hi there , new to this
    Has anyone done any work on this motor yet , Just put 31 " tyres on my hilux and it stepped up the gearing a little and knocked the edge of the performace a little . I was interested in fitting a intercooler but don`t know how this will work with the ECU and it`s fueling. Any thoughts anybody ?

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    Do the D4D engines use a mass airflow sensor?

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    Default D4D

    Thanks for the reply,
    Don`t know to be honest and it`s impossible to find any info on it.There is no service manual for the engine out yet or at least that I can find. The engine is supposed to have a lot of pottential and it comes in a de tuned state . I did buy a electronic module that plugs into the ECU but it`s crap and cost me 600 euro.It`s called a tune it and theres a www site for it to explain how it works. Can`t get a K&N air filter for it so Ě`ll have to give it a while to see if anyone develops it a bit .The engine has been out since 2002 .
    Thanks again

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    Default What's the deal with D4D?

    I've noticed that people seem to be drooling over this engine and rubbing their hands together. What's the story with this motor and how is it different from the other Toyota diesels?

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    Default D4D story

    Basicly Its a common rail motor which is total electronicaly controled down to the timing of each sequence of fuel injected into it . The fuel pump operates in the region of 2000 psi ! and fed to a common rail where it is sent to each cylnder from there . It controls the lenth of the injection and when and the amount to be fed . Thats my basic understanding of it anyway and I`m sure I`ve left a lot out as well. Very easy on fuel no matter how you drive it sayin that it will be slightly heavier with a heavy right foot. Full tourqe is available at 1600 revs and pulls very well from tickover which is pretty good for a 4 cylinder 2.5.
    Hope that gives you an idea,

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    The D4-D is Toyota's entry into the Commom Rail engine market on light vehicles. It also includes DOHC & 4 valves per cylinder technology along with VGT turbo. This produces up 120KW, and 343nm from about 1800rpm to cose to red-line in the 3.0 litre intercooled engine. Hilux misses out on the intercooer that is fitted to the Prado (most parts of the world).

    No Air flow meter is used. Air temp & boost pressure are used to determine fuel load in relation to throttle position (much like the 1KZ-TE).

    Addition of an intercooler will lower inlet air temperatures (which the ECU monitors). This will result in increased air density, and additional fuel IF there is a requirement for more power. Note that the intercooler will also result in reduced boost at the inlet vavles if an intercooler is fitted (since it measures boost at the turbine housing BEFORE the intercoler).

    Fitment of one of the performance modules will increase the performance with/without an intercooler. A decent (2.75") straight through exhaust will also permit the boost to come on quicker.

    I beleive that ENG-TEK will have one available shortly (shortly after the engine is released in Australia). Expect to see about 18 kw improvement with the module alone (more with better exhaust). Check out http://www.eng-tek.com.au/index.php in a couple of months for anouncement.


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    Default D4D

    Thanks for the info , explains things a lot better than myself!
    e-mailed that company and I`ll see what they have to say, seems a great engine but feels very resticted .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ken
    Thanks for the info , explains things a lot better than myself!
    e-mailed that company and I`ll see what they have to say, seems a great engine but feels very resticted .
    The Diesel Tuning Module to suit the D4-D (1KD-FTV & 2KD-FTV) is now avialable. Its a simple plug-in installation for additional 30hp (as shipped). A free lowing exhaust & some tuning to the Diesel Tuning Module will improve that, plus improve turbo spool up for quicker boost at lower revs.

    All with no mechincal changes to the engine. Just remove the module to return to standard. Does not interfere with FLASH upgrades from the Toyota dealer, or dealer diagnostics. The D4-D engines have just hit the market here in Australia, and these modules are a big hit now.


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    Default D4-D

    The D4-D common rail system is relatively new with Toyota and many mechanics all over the world are facing the problems of non availability of comprehensive technical data and are unable to fix even the minutest of problems. Imagine yourself driving a Toyota D4-D on a Trans African expedition or a Australian crossing from one end to the other through the desert and some problem occurs the vehicle would have to be taken to a "Toyota specialist" a mechanic without complete diagnostic equipment wouldnt be able to repair it. What I mean is that this has made Toyota more of a city vehicle unlike the old diesel systems that when once started creates a reassuring sound of come-what-may as long as the diesel fuel is there it'll keep chugging.
    The other shortcoming is the very very costly spares: New 1KZ-TE Injector Nozzles set of 4 USD 100.00 compared to 4 injectors of D4-D 1500 USD. Any ECU burnout, finding a replacement is virtually impossible.
    I have seen practically unused D4-D engines in Junk yards thrown out by people and having either 1KZ-T or TE's installed for reliability and ease of repairing.


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    Hi All,
    eventually got a tuning module that worked. It`s a Tunit module and the latest one on the market, looks exactly like that Eng tek one (Thanks by the way) It is adjustable 9 settings, and is programable further for future mods. Cost me 600 euro in Ireland , but I now believe can be got for 500euro. Made an unbelievable difference, pulls like a train.It`s due a service soon with Toyota so I`m not sure if I`ll get away clicking it to zero or having to disconnect it. I think I also have to remove the fuse of the ECU for over a minute to clear the interfearance from the unit. Thats what I hear anyway so I`m open to anyones comments. With a 100,000 km/3year warranty I feel safe enough with break down issues or failures. Love to get more info on the engine and service related issues etc as I have heard there is no info available on the engine as such. The engine in the Hilux has been out since 2001(2.5 D4-D) So if anyone comes across any info I`d appreciate it greatly.My next mod is a intercooler as the 3ltr has one on the new Cruiser/prado so it should make another significant difference or so I`m told
    Thanks all



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